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FAQ : Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle

What professional liability

Civil liability is a legal obligation that requires anyone to repair damage to a victim of the fact of the people that she has to meet or things which it is responsible. It applies to the professional field. This is called expired professional liability, RC Pro Gold.

Professional liability can be  incurred you for any professional acts performed by the company, once the damage has-been caused to customers or suppliers as share of their contractual relationships; to third parties for the service provided, even outside any contractual relationship. The professional liability is essential to the financial security of a company. This is why it is a highly recommended security for many professions. For reviews some of em regulated by law, it is compulsory even (professionals, building professionals, etc.).

Professional liability Conditions

It takes three elements to undertake the professional liability: damage, a harmful effect and between both.

Risk management

Each profession creates potential risks. Indeed, there are many cases where your company can be called professional liability. Better that it be fully covered and the amount of guarantees corresponding to the real risk that you can run to your customers, your suppliers or any third party around. Taking out professional liability insurance and must be hand of a risk management policy of the activity.

Professional Liability: What does it cover?

Professional liability covers damage your company against may you because in the course of your business. Indeed, professional liability may be engaged when a was caused damage to customers, suppliers or to third parties. It also protects against the consequences of faults causing injury.

The exemption of professional liability

Even when the three requirements necessary committed to professional liability are met (a fault, injury, causation), it is feasible to exonerate two ways. You can expect reviews some of your contract liability exemption clauses partially or totally. There are grounds for exemption professional liability.

Penalties professional liability

The liability of a person committed has gold because of breach of contract, gold because of a deliberate act or not. Professional liability also. Once the professional liability is recognized, the repair is done by equivalent. This may consist well in the payment of capital called « damages ».

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability may be covered by a specific insurance policy, taken out with an insurer.


The professional liability insurance is the nature of professional insurance. It allows to sponds to an error, a mistake, an oversight or any damage to someone or something, as a basis of professional coverage. Professional liability insurance consists of a wide number of more or less useful guarantees that the professional activities. It is undoubtedly one of the key insurance, regardless of your industry, allowing hedge risks against third parties.

The contract

It must be very careful about your professional liability insurance contract. What exactly has your contract? What guarantees are supported, those excluded? The scope of liability insurance may be limited to common situations and mandatory safeguards. It is therefore imperative for you to see what exclusions contained in your contracts.

Professional Liability: Who is affected?

As an entrepreneur or professional, your professional liability maybe one day engaged. It is therefore significant to take the lead and ensure your back. For this, think to take out appropriate professional indemnity insurance.

Compulsory insurance (regulated professions)

French law requires the purchase of a professional liability insurance for some regulated activities, That is to say, strictly regulated by law. This is mandatory especially for building professionals, health professionals, legal professionals, accountants, realtors, etc.

Optional insurance

If for some regulated activities, subscribe to professional liability insurance is required by law, it is strongly advised for other professions to use ’em well. Insurance companies offer optional insurance contracts RC Pro.

Other liability insurance contracts
Civil liability for corporate executives

Business leaders are professionals whose responsibility can be sought frequently. Indeed, the daily life of business, relationships with shareholders and third parts are potential sources of conflict. It is therefore wise to consider contracting a civil liability insurance of the leader. It is usually offered in a specific contract.

The professional legal protection

The guarantee of professional legal protection targets entrepreneurs and business leaders. It allows them to discharge the legal and administrative problems come regularly that their disrupt work. His role: to facilitate the resolution of disputes.

Professional liability insurance: tarifs

Many Insurers offer the professional liability insurance, goal few that clearly advertise their prices. The price of a professional liability insurance depends especially on the sales made or projected, of your industry, the size of the statute of the company, of the risks that you are exposed.

Where to buy an insurance professional liability?

Whether your professional liability insurance is mandatory or optional, you must sign your contract with the insurer. Before contacting any insurance company, has made specific and thorough auditing of your business. This will help define the scope of your responsibilities, the risks you are exposed.

Source: ooreka.fr

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